useful facts...

The local currency is the Barbados dollar which is pegged at a rate of 2 to the US dollar.  Sterling exchange rates fluctuate but there are approximately Barbados $3 to £1. Credit cards are widely accepted and banks are open 8am to 3pm Monday to Thursday and until 5pm on Fridays.

Barbados boasts one of the world’s purest supplies of water collected underground by nature's coral filter. This means there is no problem whatsoever in drinking the local water.

Barbados is five hours behind British Summer Time and four hours behind GMT, British winter time.

The voltage in Barbados is 110v and uses American plug sockets.

Barbados is a sophisticated island with a developed economy and financial infrastructure which enjoys a stable and democratic system of government.  It has the world's third oldest parliament which was formed in 1638.  Although an independent nation since 1966 the legal framework is based on the English judicial system and its education and medical facilities are superb.